Friday, December 26, 2008

The Cappelleria: for those who love hats...

The Fratelli Viganò a Roma is a must if you want to buy yourself a formal hat.

Located on the Via Marco Minghetti, 7, 8, 9, you will find this wonderful old and dusty hat shop to be a delight. Founded in 1873, Viganò has been famous for years.

This is because they were the "fornitrice" of the Sacred Apostolic Palaces (the Vatican) and the Royal Family (the Savoia clan).

Fratelli Viganò
Fornitrice del Sacri Palazzi Apostolici
Fornitrice della Real Casa
Fornitrice di S.A.R. il Duca di Genova


Anonymous said...

Where would you recommend one to buy a classical Italian cut suit in Rome to a reasonable price?

John Paul Sonnen said...

Clothes in Italy are lousy and too expensive and dont fit most of us. If you want quality, get everything you need in Stateside.