Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why don't we own this place.?

Better late than never: can somebody with a net worth of at least one billion units of currency kindly swing in on the chandelier with an army of attorneys and buy this property so as to be a Catholic student centre in Rome?


qualcosa di bello said...

i'm on it!! (but first you must pray that we win the lottery ;-)

Anonymous said...

Buddy, no one in their right mind will turn that into more possibilities of bring more stupid students to Rome.

If I were a senator I would put a super high tax on the third car per household and put a ZTL on stupid foreigners.

Including and above all N. Americans! And deport all zingari to Austrailia or something. Maybe another St. Bart night?

And I can say that, because I am American.

Anonymous said...

Why not propose donations to raise
the finances for this building as a traditional Catholic house for Pontifical students and visiting teachers? It could even be supported by the Fraternity of St. Peters or some other orthodox Catholic order. If everyone contributes a small amount it could soon add up to at least a significant enough amount to buy the property with a mortgage. It is desperately needed as it is a major obstacle for ordinary lay persons or even those who are not priests or those discerning religious vocations coming to study
from the fonts of theology at the Pontifical Universities and from the Holy See and Holy Roman Pontiff.

B.K. Dolan said...

Amen John. We sure need an endowed place of studies, especially for Americans (single and married). I know that Pete & Theresa Martin (when they were in Rome) and Shannon Berry (when she was in Rome) inquired to the USCCB about this. Last inquiry said we have to go through the NAC for such an endeavor. Can you imagine? Readers, Rome is easy place to study if you are a seminarian or religious, but if you are lay person on a budget, you really have to surrender to God's providence and be willing to endure adversity. That is, unless you parents are really wealthy!

Anonymous said...


Seriously, John -tremendous idea. I'd donate towards a cooperative.

Unknown said...

It is true what "Pontifical Student" and "B.K. Dolan" say!! That is precisely what happened to me when I left for Rome last year to study at the Angelicum! So many opportunities to study, but so little help to find affordable housing!

Anonymous said...

If the students pray for the grace that I win Tatts, I will donate a sbustantial amount to purchas the biulding.
Pax et Bonum.
Joe Ganci
Melbourne Australia.