Sunday, December 21, 2008

A joy of living in Rome: u get the good books first!

A Rome friend of mine has the mother of all liturgical book collections - a giant caché of only the best that has been amassed while living abroad over a number of Rome years. Although not in writing, it's been rumored that yours truly might get it all in the end.


Anonymous said...

It's certainly amazing what one can pick up!

I spy with my eye some pretty Roman Breviaries... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have a "hoirædiurnæ s.o.p" at home. Its printed in 1956 and is still in plastic wrapping, since I havent gotten further than recieving it. Its rather cool.

But what i really would like to find, but cant, is a missale 1962. Wer celebrate traditionsl masses every week here in my parish.

Miss Anonymous

John said...


N. Trandem said...

Let me guess... Wells?