Monday, July 14, 2008

Where to stay on the cheap while in Rome...

Everybody writes and asks: "I'll soon be in Rome and have no money so where can I stay?"

There are many hundreds of cheap religious hostels, but here's just a few. Please note: these are cheap places and so you get what you pay for.

Istituto S. Giuliana Falconieri
Casa per Ferie
Via S. Giuseppe Calasanzio, 1
00186 Roma
Tel./Fax. 06.6871471

Centro Accoglienza Padre Giovanni Minozzi
Casa per Feire
Via dei gigli d'Oro, 15
00186 Roma
Fax. 06.6832773

Casa di Accoglienza Santo Spirito
Borgo S. Spirito, 41
00193 Roma
Fax. 06.6865664

The last is the best and just across the street from the Vatican (if you don't mind hearing the bells of the Vatican Basilica all night).


Lady Lauren said...

I am proud of myself. It has been years since I have been in Rome, but I took one look at "Borgo S. Spiritu" and thought "wow! That sounds close to St. Peter's!" and then I saw your note! :)

Raphaela said...

Now who could possibly mind hearing the bells of San Pietro all night?

Plus, it can't be more disruptive to a good night's sleep than the dysfunctional seagulls that screech all night in the vicinity of Centro Minozzi. And after a couple of nights I'd completely tuned them out. :)

John Paul Sonnen said...

Raph, that's hailarious! Note to readers: some of these places are dusty/filthy and haven't been cleaned in ages so bring slippers!

Backpack Joe said...


My experience has been that when you backpack through a country, hostels and "bed and breakfasts" are a nice place to spend the night. And if you choose wisely there are quaint places that are cheap.

If your planning a more long term stay in Rome though, it would be cheaper to avoid hotels and just rent a vacation apartment. They are more affordable, and you can even cook your own food. I found this site useful if you want to rent an apartment.

I hope this helps!