Saturday, July 12, 2008

23rd World Youth Day: prayers start now...

For many of us it was the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado, which helped to make us the warriors we are today.

I was just a thirteen year old kid. Finding myself surrounded for the first time by other youth who cared, too, was a big deal. It was a proud moment for a thirteen year old to first see that the fire was not just in his own heart, but shared by countless other youth. It's one thing to be told this, and an other to see it at that age. This solidarity along with the presence, prayer and words of Pope John Paul II was all it took to seal so many of us in our permanence as warriors for Catholic truth.

I had just graduated from the eighth grade and it was the August before high school. It was the most important trip I ever took. Somebody was praying for me. Start to pray now for the success of this twenty-third World Youth Day!

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