Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pope in Austrailia...

When the popes are outside Italy, there's always a different feel in the Vatican. Even the employees seem more at ease (with the lessened security threat).
Here we recognize the Apostolic Palace, completed in 1590, where the Pope lives. It all seems a little desolate without him. It seemed even more so during the Sede Vacante MMV. You can see the upper ten windows of the papal apartments? The window on the far left, without a shudder (shutter), is a hallway. The rest of the windows are all closed up as he's on the road. Pray for the apostolic voyage in the "Land Down Under" and the success of the 23rd World Youth Day!


Anonymous said...

Without a what?

Why would windows shudder?

I was not aware that they were capable of such an act.

Although I did once see something like it. In British Columbia we hvae earthquakes and we had one once that made all the windows in my school do something very like "shudder"; it was remarkable. A very loud bang, like a road accident, followed by ever window in the neighbourhood "shuddering" for a second.

Or perhapsh you meant "shutter".

Anonymous said...

...or perhaps you meant that the only window of the ten of the Papal apartments that doesn't make you shudder is the one on the end.

Maybe you should see someone about this JP.

John Paul Sonnen said...

Yes, it's the movable cover or screen for a window... Ah, the sorites of HilLary!