Sunday, July 27, 2008

German Seminarians in Rome...

This photo was taken in the foyer of the Collegium Germanicum in Rome. It's a great manerist painting as one can see the German seminarians in their famous red soutane, not seen since the sixties (that is, the nineteen sixties).


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I would love to see this red soutane restored. They wore the red soutant, black sash, and black saturno.
The Pontifical Roman Seminary has their students wear purple cassocks. Do they still do so?
The USA had blue, the Scots College also a shade of purple, and there were other variations as well.
I wish they'd all be brough back...along with the tonsure for diosecean priests in Rome.

What was the name of the vesture alot of the seminarians in the Roman colleges wore over their soutanes? It was a long sleeveless vestment . The Roman people had a "nickname" for it, and it was worn only by seminarians.
Sadly, it was discarded in the 1960's along with the German College red cassocks, and everything else of beauty in the Church.

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The fellow in the lower right hand corner --- did you first ask his permission to be photographed?

A strking painting. Great!