Friday, July 18, 2008

The Master is here and He calleth thee...

During the sixties the Church took many steps to conciliate the modern world. Evidently, this was in large part a disaster.
Now we pick up the pieces. But be not tired. What had quickly been lost is now on the rebound. Just see this in Rome, or in your family or in your parish. "Renewal!"
The sister is dressed in her wedding gown. That is why we see this garment, worn by her every day, and consisting of blessed objects. The world will always deride this, but it is de rigueur for those who enjoy the call. Each sister, as a bride of Christ, has heard a call and each has responded. The gown reads thus: "Non generous candidates need not apply."
The best for Him, the divine Bridegroom. Sisters, be blessed as you teach us men how to be men when we see your witness of Catholic womanhood in our very midst!


Anonymous said...

I know this Order. They are a Polish Order of nuns that run hospitals and other nursing care, and take care of an institution near Santo Spirito Hospital in Rome.
This looks like their "light-weight" Summer habit...because their regular habit has the same veil and collar, but also a scapular and looks alot heavier than this.
Hopefully their not getting into the USA style "habit modifications" which lead to the "habit trashing" 35-40 years ago!

PeterHWright said...

I don't think Anon should worry.

Aggiornamento has had its day. It has been a disastrous failure. But the tide is now turning.

All will be well !