Thursday, July 17, 2008

European Norbertines: on the front lines...

Some might complain that the Christian commonwealth is dead and that the European continent is already lost. But be careful who you say this to. The advance and exaltation of the Christian Faith and religion are on the boom, in Europe. Picking up what's left of Christendom, they live for the reform of the clergy and the suppression and destruction of the enemies of the Christian name. For the extirpation of heresies they labor. Know them, support them and pray for them, they are the Norbertines.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful monks. I recognize their habit. Although they live a life very similar to the Norbertine , and also follow the rule, I think they are called the "Canons Regular of San Antimo", and have restored and expanded a large 12th century abbey in Italy, called the Abbazia di San'Antimo. They becaue with a few French Norbertines who wanted to live a more traditional and orthodox observance of the religious life...and took over the vacant Abbey. What a wonderful grace for the Church.
Now, if I remember right, they have so many vocations for a relatively small monastery, thaht they are expanding.
Their habit is similar (but with some unique variations).
Most of theor original vocations were all French...but I hope by now they are getting mostly Italian vocations...being that they are in Italy!
I hope they become a full fledged new Order of canons, and are not absorbed into the Norbertine Order, where their traditionalist leanings might not be appreciated.
I say this because there are 3 Norbertine Abbies in the USA. Two are progressive (with one of them, Daylesford Abbey near Philadelphia) verging on radical, and St. Norbert Abbey in DePere, WI.
Saint Michaels in California, remains the only traditional/traditionalist Norbertine house in the USA...and as of this year, membership wise it;s the largest Norbertine house in the USA. With it's traditionalist leanings (TLM), and orthodoxy they have many vocations. They are also building a new abbey Church in the Romanesque style.
God bless these good Canons in this picture shown, with many vocations. And the same blessings for St. Michael's Abbey.

Joe Frances said...

Regardless of their constitution, St. Norbert would be proud! As should we also be. It gives me a sense of confidence to see these men "on our side."

Anonymous said...

I think they are from the abbey of Monday (Norbertine) in France. I recognise Fr. Dominique-Marie Dauzet, O.Praem. a canon of that abbey. They wear a very similar habit to the canons of San Antimo.

A Norbertine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the abbey of MONDAYE

A Norbertine

Anonymous said...

I will soon be entering the Novitiate for the Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey, and only partially agree with the first writer claiming they are "progressive".

There is a wide diversity of people in St. Norbert Abbey, making it hard to cover them all within the scope of "progressiveness".

Fr. Alfred McBride O Praem, a famous Catholic author, speaker on EWTN, and retreat missionary (with Fr. Larry Richards) is the face of the St. Norbert Abbey, and is a solid orthodox Catholic, along with many other "no-name" Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey.

Reform is taking place, and several young, new men will be entering the order within the next few years, which will bring about the reform it greatly needs.

robinson said...

I am very much interested in Norbertine Religious Order.Is there someone can help me contact the Norbertine in Italy?Thank you so much...Rob