Saturday, July 19, 2008

As in the good old days...

The youngest looking sisters that you will see in the Rome of today are these ladies who study at the Angelicum (in the Italian section). Most are from South America, although they do have one American sister among them (who came to Rome some years ago as a layman to study at La Sapienza). They're an order from Argentina, the Institute of the Verbo Incarnato. In 2004, with some friends we went to visit their house near Rome, atop the mountain village of Segni. They moved into an empty seminary there and have filled it again with youth and prayer. May they be blessed (and they even have a house in Russia, too!).


John Paul Sonnen said...

N.B. These sisters even shave their heads to so wear this veil.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it fits alittle tight so I can understand why they shave their heads. It's not an ugly habit, but a white collar and a more traditional veil (not so tight as to actually show the shape of the skull),would be better. A veil like Mother Angelica's EWTN nuns, or the :Pink Sisters" would be better than this.

Anonymous said...

These sisters are also in the USA:

Brooklyn and Harlem, NY
Avondale, PA
Bridgeport, CT
Santa Clara, CA
Washington DC/Upper Marlboro, MD