Saturday, November 01, 2008

Revolution Guido: ci sono eroi...

Che coraggio! Finalmente!
Everybody's been e-mailing and screaming for these pics so here they are.
Yes, it's true and this is the new look! Did some recon, but couldn't find the old bronze one from '75 anywhere, but rest assured, it's hasta la vista!


Anonymous said...

THis is a great improvement. Of course, the altar should be directly under the Chair of Peter, like in the old days...but all in good time I suppose.
This is a vast improvement over the modern, Protestant style table used up until a few weeks ago.
I think it had the derogatory nickname "The Ironing Board."

PeterHWright said...

I'll rest assured only when I hear the bronze "anvil" has been melted down.

Where, I wonder, is the new altar from ? I could see it is adorned with a (cardinal's ?) coat of arms, but from the photos I couldn't make out whose arms they are.

Anonymous said...

Excellent improvement!
Praised be the Triune Godhead!

Let us hope and pray that the next step is to have the altar re placed in its correct and original position directly underneath the Cathedra.
Also I wonder if the "Benedictine" candle arrangement and central crucifix is in order, in keeping with what our Holy Father has done with all of the altars in the Vatican as of late.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

The altar is above the tomb of Peter, is that not a "correct" place, and more significant than the relic of the chair?