Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mormons: a new temple for Rome...

Not too many years ago Arab governments financed the construction of Europe's largest mosque located in the City of Rome. Some of us have been there. It's huge. But why Rome?

And yesterday two young Mormon missioners on the train announced some good news. They shared that they just heard that their prophet in Salt Lake City, with an oracle from heaven, has just announced that God wants an actual Mormon "temple" to be constructed in Rome, soon.

Today there is the latitudinarian voice that says this is okay.

Guys, we need more Catholics. Have babies and make converts. We have lost a lot of ground and even in the Holy City of Rome we are losing ground and this will help to choke us out.

So many condescensions and compliances have been admitted and received in recent years. The purity of faith has suffered. But we can do something about this.

The singular answer to the world's problems and to the problems in the Church is this: catechesis. Catechesis is the answer. Ignorance is the enemy. Teach!


Anonymous said...

"And yesterday two young Mormon missioners on the train announced some good news."

I would never consider that "good news". Interesting news, surprising news, distasteful news yes.

But good? NOT!!!

Regarding their "prophet"....LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Something serious has to be done about this. It is absolutely scandalous. I became infuriated when I found out a mosque was built in Holy Rome. Now a mormon temple? I hope the Vatican will speak out and protest this. Maybe a rosary crusade?

Clara said...

I guess I don't totally see why this is something to go to the mattresses about. The Mormons have temples all over the world. I was surprised that they didn't already have one in Rome. It doesn't mean that they'll be sending any more missionaries or anything like that. Mainly, it means that members won't have to travel as far to do their Mormon temple things.

For the record: I myself am a Catholic convert and an apostate Mormon. So I definitely don't think the Mormon church is true, and I agree that their missionaries can be a threat to Christianity, but given how pluralistic society is already, I don't see how this is any kind of singularly major defeat for the one true Church.