Saturday, November 08, 2008

From Genova: the Cardinal Archbishop...

Gosh, we were just walking around the streets of Genoa and guess who we bumped into?! Out from the Cardinal's Palace walked an angel, Angelo Card. Bagnasco. He's what the Irish would call a lovely man. It was the third time I had met him, and each time I had the same feeling: this guy is going to be the next pope (and just remember you heard it here first!)!


Anonymous said...

I think so too. He is also seen as a traditionalist, which is another good thing.
I hope Pope Benedict XVI lasts long enough so that all the liberals left in the Sacred College (and there are not many left who are papabile) are in their 70's and thus less likely to be considered.
This means people like the liberal Cardinal of Venice (in his 68th year).
Either Cafarra, or Bagnasco would make wonderful popes....but also our own Archbishop (soon Cardinal), Burke.

Anonymous said...

Is he a conservative and does he support the Latin Mass and Tradition? If so, I hope he's elected. The Italians should reclaim the Papal Throne!

Anonymous said...

"this guy is going to be the next pope": perfectly agree with you!
Congratulations for this blog, just found in internet! bye!

Anonymous said...

One of his previous posts was as Archbishop of the Military Ordinariate of Italy. How perfect a background for a future Pope!

humboldt said...

I believe that the next pope has to be an Italian.

Mini PC GURU said...

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