Monday, November 10, 2008

Pius XII Exhibit at the Vatican...

A soutane of Pius XII along with a fascia and zuchetto. The mitre, often worn by Pius XII, belonged to Benedict XV.

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Anonymous said...

I want to say a special thanks to you...for posting of this awesome conference on the great Pope Pius XII, whom we all hope will soon be beatified (hopefully by Benedict XVI).
Thanks for posting the coverage of conferences, the vestments, the books.
All this proves to me very strongly, that if Pius XII was a person to be ashamed of, or suspect (as he is to a bunch of Jews for false reasons), that the holy memory of Pope Pius XII would never have been commemorated.
I believe, like the great Sister Margarita Marchione, that Pius XII WILL be beatified soon (regardless of the anti-Pius XII pressure from jews and radical dissident Catholics).
Let us all pray that soon....perhaps before the year is out, we will celebrate the decree naming Pius XII "Venerable Pope Pius XII",,,,and soon afterward, "Blessed Pius XII".