Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where to get your haircut in Rome...

When you go to get a haircut in Rome never go on a Monday as all barbers in and near Rome are closed that day. Go when it's raining, then there'll be no wait and the barber will take his time.

For some of us it's a sacred experience to get a haircut. We look forward to the 1920s barber and all the better when it's in Rome...with Adriano!

Meet Adriano Santoloci, the Roman barber who has been cutting hair for 55 years. He had four children, all boys, is still married to the same woman and still goes to work each morning even though he's now elderly.

His shop has been around since 1923. He's an icon in the old Rione Monti neighborhood, just behind the Angelicum on the way up the Esquiline Hill. In fact he was even just included in a film documentary of the neighborhood.

If you speak Italian, then be sure to visit him and you'll enjoy the chat and the cut: Via Panisperna, 46.

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