Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A.D. 2008: as seen in holy Rome...

You sweet and lovely sisters (Indian and Swiss) are awesome and we love you guys - be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

The Indian nuns are in the habit that St. Alphonsa ( canonized by Benedict XVI afew weeks ago) and her Indian Clarist sisters used to wear.
Notice they are both elderly.
Unfortunatly, the Indian Clarist sisters "Vatican Twoed" their habit. It's still a long white habit, but a shouldercape replaces the big white wimple, and a black veil which shows the hair (typical Vatican II model), replaces the long veil.
They still wear a nice habit, but unfortunatly this is not in general use anymore.

As for the Swiss nuns....nice to see an Order from a liberal bastion like Switzerland wearing the traditional habit...mostly young nuns too.