Saturday, November 29, 2008

Church banners: how it's done in Rome...

When many of us think of banners in church we have this freak image of the tacky "hippie" banners we used to see in our home parishes back when we were kids.
But this is how it's done in Rome, or was more commonly seen in Rome. The extras count and they take a little extra work. This is where archconfraternities come into play as well as (authentic) lay participation.
These are "requiem" banners and they were put up in the sanctuary for All Souls Day at the Rome FSSP parish, Santissima Trinita' dei Pellegrini.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if there's any particular significance to that style of cross on the tops of the banners? I've only seen it before in pictures from papal Rome.

QuantaCura01 said...

What a wonderful posting. I will have to forward these pictures to a local parish with a "banner ministry" hippie does that sound. Sadly there are a few parishes in th eFresno diocese that are very much into the banner hippie banners.

Anonymous said...

This cross version is a standard baroque pattern often seen in Rome.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful topic! Thanks! I am trying hard to find "worthy" banners and am having zero luck. Does anyone know of any company world wide that make "more" elaborate banners than the hippie style??? I'm desperate to find some. Thank!
Seattle, WA, USA.