Friday, May 26, 2006

Nice toys, eh?

The former generations of Dominican priests from the Angelicum in Rome have imparted to posterity (us!) these often now vanquished vestments of old.

With a pitch of indignation, a pale-faced sacristan back home once exclaimed to me: "Oh, Jesus was simple and poor so we have to have simple and poor vestmetns, too." My reply was: "Well, Sherlock, Jesus was not only human as you go out of your way to explain...., but He was/is also divine (God!)."

This same sacristan told me that I dressed "too nice" for church. To him I replyed: "Well, Sherlock, if you have an audience with royalty, you wear your best, right? If you have an audience with the King, you wear your best, right?" His reply was, "Oh, we don't have a king in America!"

Lifeless modern vestments of functionality are for him...and the birds!

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Anonymous said...

No King in the US? Yuk!!!!!!!