Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wine Academy of Rome: always a nice experience...

Yours truly only goes to the free wine events, but anyways if you don't mind spending a bit, here's the orario for June:

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome and fantastic life in Rome and Italy.
This blog is so great with everything you cover, and the photos, ceremonies, and events.
There's so much to see and do there!!!

Not to be down on the USA (I guess it's because of the Calvinistic/ Protestant culture which dominated the USA for 175 years of it's existance), but there's so little to see of true historic significance(besides Revolutionary and Civil War era) in the USA compared to Rome and Italy.
Certainly nothing religious.
Every USA small town seems to the the carbon copy of the other, in every state. The same "Main Street" set-up, the same malls, the same McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, etc. The same 5 or 6 dime-a-dozen Protestant "churches" in the town and the 1 Catholic one(if any). Endless surburban sprawl etc.

In Italy at least there seems to be still seperate villages, towns, and even cities each with their own culture. Magnificent monuments. A sense of Catholicity. A sense of culture. A civility and refinement and deep culture of great value not seen in the USA except perhaps in parts of New England, and in California.
Italy has the Pope. It has culture, refinement, class.
The USA has Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and hot air-bag preachers, and a rabble of lunatic right-wing Republicans eager to tear down the president and hope he fails in everything.
I think if I was living in Italy (either working or as a student), I wouldn't choose to come back to the USA to live.
Granted, the USA is not quite 300 years old, (compared to 2,500 of history for Italy). But we've had enough time to develope a refined culture...and haven't.
People still have an image of the USA as the steriotypical ignorant "cowboy". George W. Bush didn't help our image at all!!

I didn't mean to rant, but the "Wine Adademy of Rome" sounds so sophisticated and cultured. I tried to think of any in the USA, there probably is one...but I haven't heard of it.
Rome has the "Wine Academy". We have the annual Nathans' Hotdog eating contest in NY on July 4th or so, when people shove as many hotdogs into their mouth till their sick. How common compared to the "Wine Academy of Rome" !!