Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catholic Scotland: you men carry the torch!

Pontifical Scots College in Rome is awesome and the guys in their proud habit look sharp and bring honor to their people and nation. Nice to chat with you guys!


Fr PF said...

...and there'll be more of them in Rome after the summer.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be negative, but wasn't there news of late that the very last seminary in Scotland will be closing this year?

Before Vatican II there were 5. Now there are 0.
That says alot for Vatican II, doesn't it. And not in the good sense.

Joe Frances said...

Is this cassock for the seminary only, or do they wear it after ordination as well?

Bob said...

Joe Frances: its only worn by the students and deacons. After Priestly Ordination we change to black. Historically if you stayed on in the College as a priest straight after your seminary time you became a "purple priest" for the time you remained in Rome and only changed to black once you left the College. Now though everyone changes to black on becoming priests.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, the fact that Scotland has lost 4 seminaries since Vatican 2 is in fact a sign that our country is being renewed, if a seminary is not rooted in true Orthodoxy (which is what Vatican 2 is taking us back to) then it is better we have one good one instead of 5...we are a small country, we don't need 5.. and the guys in Rome are fantatsic! I have great confidance in what God is doing there. Quality not quantity I believe. Look on the bright side and to the beauty of the Second Vatican Council.

Ponte said...

Anonymous 11:07

Say what? I think that you ate some bad haggis or something.

Deus, Salus Nostra said...

Anonymous 11:07 is in-fact correct.

There are now a whopping 21 in the Pontifical Scots College in Rome and another three studying in England for Motherwell Diocese - I believe there is also one seminarian in Denton Seminary in the USA for the FSSP, not to mention those studying for the Dominicans, Jesuits, Cistercians, and Traditional Redemptorists (Extraordinary Form) and the Benedictines. I believe there are also some SSPX in discernment, but I'm not so involved with the SSPX. (Pray for their unity with Rome!)

Oor wee Scotland is doing better; thanks to a true revival of the faith and a re-connection with Catholic Tradition. I am 15, I know two other my age that hope to be in this seminary when they are ready. Also, there are two other leaving my school that hope to enter Seminary after leaving University.

The rise has only happened in the last few years, and there is an evident growth in devotion and traditionalism. Scotland is a wee country, and it is going through a hard time at the moment with all this scandal - Is that affecting us young people? Nonononono. We are strong and devout. Quite frankly, I just can't wait for the Liberalist movement to slowly die off and allow true, authentic Catholic teaching to yet again prevail in Scotland, and let's be seeing a bit more of the Extraordinary Form ya?

Pray for me; I want to enter as soon as is possible - I can discern further there.