Friday, June 05, 2009

Sometimes the old books are the best...

Most modern tour books on Rome are sewage: they explain where "gay" bars are, what the legal age is for sex, where to go "cruising," or where the local "pub crawl" is.

But in the old days Rome authors understood what it's really about and they shared in words and photos the mystical climate of a Catholic city, nation and continent.

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umblepie said...

I have never been to Rome, but thanks in many ways to your excellent blog-site and wonderful photographs, I have become much more interested in the history and architecture of Rome, especially as it relates to the Catholic Church. I recently bought a second-hand copy of a book entitled 'Rome' written by Edward Hutton, published by Hollis & Carter in 1950. This book was first published in 1911 and actually re-written by the author in 1950. I find it very readable, very Catholic, and very informative, also easy to understand in spite of the many Italian names etc. You possibly know of this book and of this author, for he also wrote books on Florence, Assisi, Venice, Siena and Naples, all published by Hollis & Carter, London. In view of the title of your post, I thought you might find this of interest.