Friday, June 12, 2009

In tribute to the world's greatest living latinist: Fr. Reggie Foster...

From Facebook (thanks, Matthew!):

Ad Reginaldi HonoremRoma civitates foederatas americae redditus, nunc vigescit et Romae denuo Latinam docturus est. Debemus tamen laudare magistrum (Magiiiiiistrum) nostri. Vobis do exemplum.

Notae sententiae Reginaldi anglice sunt mihi:

"The letters of Cicero are my life!''

"Latin takes a long time. 10 years, maybe 20.''

"You just need to read a lot of this stuff. 12 hours a day.''

"Latin is like oxygen for the brain!''

"Oh, how we can get rusty if we don't do this everyday!''

"Will you just do it!? It doesn't need to be analyzed!''

"That really just depends how you want to take it.''

"These are our real treasures!"

Cum latine lego sapientiae memor sum huius, sed sin aliter imbecilis fuero.

If I learn Latin, it will be because of this guy!!


Kevin said...

His lessons online rescued my love for the language a few years ago when it was dying. Today I can recite the breviary easily.

Marco de Puna said...

Sir Francis, do you have a link for Fr.Foster's online Latin lessons?

Fr. Gary Coulter said...

Completely unofficial and unauthorized: Learn Latin with Fr. Foster at