Sunday, June 07, 2009

Santa Severa: best seafood place on coast near Rome...

If ambiance counts, then this place is number one. It's like being at an old New England clambake back in the day.
Along the coast near Rome there are lots of fine seafood restaurants, but this experience is just what the tourists crave for. To swim and then go in for lunch is great, under the shadow of the old castle on the seashore.
If you have a rental car take the A12 north of Rome towards Civitavecchia and get off at Santa Severa (park at the castle off Via Aurelia). If you take the train, take the Civitavecchia line, get off at Santa Severa and walk to the castle (this place is on the beach just north of the castle).
L'Isola del Pescatore
Via Cartagine, 1
Santa Severa (RM)
Tel. 0766.570145


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Ocean City, Stone Harbor, or Avalon NJ?

This photo reminds me of these great beach resort towns, each with a handful of awesome seafood places. Some on the beachfront like this....others in town.

I didn't know there were any so close to Rome.

John Paul Sonnen said...

Only been to Newark, but those old beach resorts are surely lovely.

Easter Tylor said...

I have always admired Rome for it's beauty and now this awesome seafood places have added a plus to this.

Alstair Hick said...

I have always admired Rome for it's beauty but now these awesome seafood places inspires me to visit there again.