Saturday, May 02, 2009

Where to study in Rome...

Study under the shadow of the dome during this historic pontificate.

Get advanced degrees in canon law, theology, philosophy, social sciences, classical languages or library science or whatever.

Be a part of the new generation of Catholic intellectuals: (Latin and Greek studies) (Patristics/Fathers of the Church) (Theology and the like) (Theology and the like and liturgical studies) (Theology and the like) (Islamic studies) (Spiritual theology) (Theology) (Theology and the like) (Theology and the like) (Theology) (Missioners) (Education) (Archeology) (Pastoral Theology) (Theology) (Theology) (Scripture) (Theology and the like) (Moral Theology) (Mariology) (Secular faculties) (Library Science) (Eastern Studies) (Sacred Music) (Liturgical studies)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that, John! It's very helpful for me!