Friday, May 22, 2009

NAC: the American Seminary in Rome...

Obam encourages us to have a courage to change.

Meanwhile, the politic of our leadership is still telling us that we need to be more "modern " in our liturgy. "Fuuuny!" is what grandma used to say.

NAC seminarians boast: "Wait guys, it will just take a new generation of bishops and the board will change."

Anyways, it sure is a nice altar: a period piece. Yes, very fifties. Artful. Even blessed by Pius XII, of blessed memory.

It was Msgr. Hickey who did away with this altar. He's already been dead for almost ten years. Time flies! And change is in the air...Introibo ad altare Dei!


sacerdosinaeternum said...

Indeed, change is in the air. Deo gratias! There are over thirty recent alumni (in the last 5 years), including myself, who are regularly celebrating the same Holy Mass that was celebrated on that altar- now known as the Extraordinary Form!

Anonymous said...

Is the PNAC orthodox in its teaching at least? I would like to study there, but being very traditional it might not be the right place.

Sacerdos in Roma studens said...

The NAC is very much a fine orthodox seminary. It tends, not surprisingly though, to be very political and this tends to slow things down. It should also be said that contemporary seminarians always think that their seminary is not as traditional as it should be.