Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Norcia: where St. Benedict was born...

This is the Church of St. Benedict in Norcia. Underneath the church is where St. Benedict, founder of Western monasticism, was born in AD 480. In nearby Subiaco he founded his first monastic community and then on to Montecassino, etc.
It's a real treat to see this 14th century facade, considering the seismic events in the area related to earthquakes that have obliterated so much of the historic Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque treasures. Notice in the two niches the statue of St. Scholastica and that of St. Benedict? Benedict is depicted as a mitred abbot!
Link here and support the American Benedictines who now live there: http://www.osbnorcia.org/


Anonymous said...

First image: Is the clock/bell tower leaning?

Anonymous said...

Fine monks. Slow, quiet start of leaf and bud, and to full-grown fruit tomorrow's dawn.