Sunday, May 10, 2009

Principe Sforza Ruspoli: what a Catholic prince looks like...

Just another fabulous day in Catholic Italy.
Early this morning it was off with friends to visit Cerveteri, just north of Rome. We went for their patronal feast of St. Michael.
The mayor even met us where the famed tombs are north of the city to show our group a new Etruscan tomb which was just discovered and unveiled a few years ago. Then it was off to another tomb and then to lunch with Etruscan wine and a nap in the grass.
The highlight was to be the guest of Prince Ruspoli in his Cerveteri palace for a "Lectura Vergilii et Dantis." The prince is a really nice guy. Humble. He asked me in English what state I was from. He's even sometimes on television talk shows in Italy, always defending and introducing others to the ideal of "nobility." He's one of the good guys and is a fierce supporter of the papacy and any traditions of old.


conte rezzoni said...

May the almighty further on protect him , his beloved family and all other members of illustrious catholic houses in italy!

Anonymous said...

If he is indded a Prince, it would be wonderful to know that the royal family is still alive and functioning in Italy..Perhaps someday there will be a role for them in gov't as a guardian of the people, to guarentee the correct functioning of gov't and keeping their eyes on corruption..Perhaps the monarch of the 21st century to guard the people and yet restore the prestige of the nation and fabulous royal treasures which go unused...Reclaim your history Italy..