Friday, May 15, 2009

Pius XII has our support: forever...

From Fulton J. Sheen, PhD:
"In our times, the Church in Germany was tested by nazism, the Church in Russia was tested by communism and the Church elsewhere by worldliness. What makes it so hard is that we are bidden to go into the secular without becoming secular and to be more concerned with all the problems of the world, whether they are ecclesial or not, and yet not become worldly. In days of persecution the sides were more clearly drawn. The Church is 'here'; the persecutors were 'there.' But to hew to that fine line, to be in the Church as 'the sign and salvation of the world' and yet not give up the Church is a real test."

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Anonymous said...

He was a REAL Pope. Not the pop/rock superstar with glitz and showmanship and little substance like a recent Pope, but a man of true holiness. Pius XII was a saint in his own time, and certainly is a saint now.

Looking at pictures of ceremonies that he officiated at at St. Peters', the life of the ordinary Catholic in Rome, the priests, religious, monks, friars, nuns....and nearly all is tragic to see what we have lost in traditions, liturgy, religious life etc. since Vatican II.

And the Popes which have followed Pius XII don't come near to him in holiness or the ability to lead the Church with clear and proper CATHOLIC agenda.

I hope that this picture of Pius XII surrounded by young religious and others does not represent a Catholicism gone forever.

I would take a simple audience with a Pope like Pius XII, over the circus of World Youth Day any day!!