Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cheapest place to stay in Rome...

If you have lots of kids or are a poor student or whatever, the place to stay in Rome is here:

Camping Village Roma
Via Aurelia 831

Rome has 3 camping villages, but this one is the best.

It's cheap and nice. The girls that work at the entrance all speak English.

On the map it looks way out, but I've walked it once and it isn't bad. Lots of buses and a giant grocery store across the street.

See here:


Mitch said...

I stayed there, great place, but it is definetly worth it in the summer to pay the extra 3 euros for a bed in an air conditioned room. Also if you dont specify non-coed you will likely be placed in a room with the opposite sex. But if you tell them that you can't hav that for religious reasons they are very accomodating.

Ponderum said...

I stayed there during my last visit to Rome. They have charming little bungalows, and more amenities than I could have hoped for. Not only is the value great for the accommodations, but the on-site "club" offers a convenient place to hang out after a long day and perhaps even make some friends.