Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pantheon (Solemn High Mass)

Just another day in Urbe.


amicus1962 said...

Thanks for the video. The only thing that irritated me was the frequent panning over to the ceiling of the Pantheon. Once should have been more than enough, but precious seconds were taken away from the Mass for meaningless views of the hole in the ceiling.

I spot two Norbertines in their white habits singing in the schola.

Unknown said...

I notice Norbertines....was this Solemn Mass in the Praemonstratention Rite?

Aussie Catholic said...

Thank you for posting, this is very special.

Very proud of our Aussie celebrant !

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Did they keep all tourists out?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. It is so beautiful!

It's a real inspiration to those of us who are so far

away from Rome (in miles only!) but are

working/planning/hoping to get there some day.

God bless you,( and keep it up)

John Paul Sonnen said...

The truth is, the dome is often shot as I didn't want to show how the pews were empty - that's why the dome.

Anyways, the dome is the most important achievement of ancient Roman architecture (it remains the worlds largest masonry vault).

It was Roman rite, but Rome Norbertines from Cali are the best and have a deep liturgical sensus and are generous with their time and talent.

A police guard kept the tourists out near the entrance.

Unknown said...

Why were the pews so empty? Was this Mass at a awkward time or not well publicised?

There are so many more EF Masses now but what is the attendance like? Most pictures and videos don't show the pews but this is crucial to knowing how well the EF is being accepted and embraced by the people and not juist by small groups of ultra conservatives.

Empty pews can be discouraging but Summorum POntificum is less than two years old. Brick by brick as Fr. Z says.

Matthew said...

Which propers were said during this Mass?

Anonymous said...

It was an unscheduled Mass during the lunch hour.

Francis Manion said...

The shots of the dome were fine. So was the rest of the video. It's a little bit more than a "hole in the ceiling" for anyone who appreciates architecture, engineering and history. Keep up the great work, John. What an extraordinary event in an extraordinary setting. Keep posting videos like this!