Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The famous VII Church Pilgrimage in Rome...

This past Saturday a dozen of us Rome students set out early for the famous seven church pilgrimage in Rome.
This is a walking pilgrimage which was done in a spirit of prayer and penance.
We began at the Vatican Basilica, then it was off to the Ostian Basilica, then to the Basilica of San Sebastiano, next the Lateran Archbasilica, the Basilica of Santa Croce, the Basilica of San Lorenzo and finally to the Liberian Basilica.
On this pilgrimage you were prayed for.
Many thanks to the Rome student association which sponsored it!
At leat once in your life be sure to make this pilgrimage while in Rome if you have a free day. St. Philip Neri used to make this same pilgrimage every day. From the Ostian Basilica to the Via Appia follow the old Via delle Sette Chiese which is still there to this day for the pilgrims.


Latin Puerto Rican said...

How long did the pilgrimage take you, John?

AJJP said...

Grad student Evan, there you are again!

Anonymous said...

If unfamiliar with Rome, it helps to carry a map. I got lost twice when I attempted this walk and just about collapsed by the time I reached the Lateran as a result.

AMOROMA said...

I always thought the tradition seven churches were the four major basilicas and San Lorenzo, San Sebastiano and Santa Croce. (At least those are ones for pilgrimages led by Philip Neri)