Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Philip: the greatest of them all...

Philip is a fine man (see and link to his great blog here: http://philipgerardjohnson.blogspot.com/) and an example to all Catholic youth.

Philip just completed seven weeks of radiation and chemotherapy at the end of April and his MRI now shows that the brain tumor has shrunk (it is about the same size, but is not as dense). For the next eighteen months Philip will be on a high dose of chemotherapy in an attempt to slow the growth of the tumor. Pray for him!

Eusebius wrote of Philip and said he became one of the great lights of Asia and was martyred at Hierapolis.

Archbishop F. J. Sheen wrote of Philip, too, and shared these lovely words:

"When Jesus said to him, 'Follow Me' (John 1:43), the lone sheep immediately followed the Good Shepherd. Immediately he went out and made a convert. He must tell others of the Savior Who found him. When the 5,000 in the desert were hungry, the Lord turned to his accountants to test him and said, 'Where are we to find bread to feed these people?' (John 6:5). Philip used his computer and came up with the exact amount. He calculated without Christ. At the Last Supper he rudely interrupted the beautiful discourse of Our Lord about His Father, being concerned only with a physical vision of Him, not Christ's oneness with the Father, 'Have I been all this time with you, Philip, and you still do not know Me?' (John 14:9)."

-Those Mysterious Priests by Archbishop Sheen.

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Indeed, the greatest of them all.