Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FSSP Seminary in Wigratzbad: where to stay...

The FSSP European seminary is located in the village of Wigratzbad (aka Wiggy) in Bavaria, Germany.

Wigratzbad is located twenty km northeast of the Bavarian town of Lindau and 190 km southeast of Stuttgart and 160 km southwest of Munich.

It's best to have a rental car. There are lots of rural bed and breakfast places in the area.

In the town of Wangen (5 km from Wigratzbad):

Hotel Blaue Traube

Hotel Waltersbuhl

Hotel - Garni Engelberg

Hotel Oberwirt

In the town of Neuravensburg (10 km from Wigratzbad):

Landgasthof Mohren

Waldgasthof Zum Hirschen


Anonymous said...

Ah, where were you when I was organising our accommodation? We have to go and stay in Isny!! (Mind you there are ten of us!) ;-P

sacerdos in germania said...

A correction...
Wigratzbad is not located in Bavaria but in Allgau to be exact.

Father G said...

Technically Swabia but adiministratively Bavaria but hey, I'm a geo- historical purist...what do you want!