Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pantheon (Sancta Maria ad Martyres): 1,400 years...

Sunday at the Pantheon was a big celebration: High Mass to celebrate the 1,400th anniversary of its consecration.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13 Solemn High Mass will be sung in the Extraordinary Form in the Pantheon at 2 p.m. as an extension of this same celebration.

Hope to see everybody there.

Also, at 1 pm Archbishop Burke will be at Rome's Dominican University for the annual Eucharistic procession.

And, see you at the Pantheon on Sunday, May 31st for the annual rose pedals raining from the oculus for Whit Sunday/Pentecost.


Anonymous said...

John, I'm so jealous you get to do all these great things, especially the Pantheon at Pentecost. What a blessing. Have fun and take lots of pictures! ~ Brian in Wisconsin

Sid Cundiff said...

– center of Rome: Piazza Colonna

– center of Italy: Piazza Montecitorio

– center of the Catholic World: the obelisk at San Pietro

– center of the Christian world: the Archbasilica St John Lateran

– center of the Western world: the umbilicus and golden milestone in the Forum Romanum

– center of the whole world: the Campidoglio with the equestrian Marcus Aurelius

– center of the Cosmos: under the oculus in the Pantheon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, take a lot of great photos at the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Also always be on the lookout for those great photo ops of nuns, monks and friars in traditional habits!

They're awesome.