Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to this blog: da tre anni...

Three years ago today this blog was born at a Rome Internet point along the Tiber River.

The inspiration was a devout American student living in Rome, Mary Gibson. Mary had a popular Rome photo blog and explained that it was easy, fun and free:

The truth is I didn't even really know what a "blog" was.

Then, on the birthday of Pope John Paul II, this blog was born.

And what happened to this inspirational Catholic woman named Mary? Well, through the grace of God she has joined the convent: .

Mary, thank you for being the inspiration for this blog and may the Lord reward you always!

I hope the faithful will pray with each holy image they see on the Internet: Adorabimus in loco ubi steterunt pedes ejus (We shall adore in the place where His feet have stood). Be led to holiness through images.

If you like any of these images, save them to your own computer as this blog will not be around forever.

"We must be able to radiate the joy of Christ, express it in our actions. If our actions are just useful actions that give no joy to people, our people would never be able to rise up to the call which we want them to hear - the call to come closer to God."

-Mother Teresa


Carlos Echevarria said...

Happy Birthday buddy, still planning to go to Rome, but the economic situation is still pretty bad here in the states....

Your blog is awesome, especially all the amazing pics you post, keep up the great work!

qualcosa di bello said...

yes, buon compleanno!!!! i found your blog through mary's

Kevin said...

Ad multos annos, Sr. Sonnen. Please keep the pictures coming.

Der Herr Alipius said...

Auguri, my friend!

Keep up the excellent work and God bless!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Happy Birthday John Paul!

I think and pray on Sr. Neva (Mary Gibson as was) often

Anonymous said...

U bring us the Promised Land!