Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alan Keyes: the greatest American...

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Anonymous said...

If Mr. Keyes is a traditional Catholic, then I support his efforts.

But if he is just another Bible-thumping Protestant Pentecostolist airbag bigot like Sarah Palin and company...then I hope there is an equally strong voice to shout him down.

I support the Bishops and Catholics who expressed their outrage at Obama's pro-choice stance...and a Catholic college honoring him. But after all, he is the President. His agenda is more than just regarding abortion.

He has some great initiatives for the enviornment and jobs, and the economy is improving. He is slowly breaking away from the incipid pro-Irael lobby which has ruined USA Middle East initiatives and efforts to be even-handed.

Obama is wrong about life issues. But give the man a break...and some respect.
I would rather have him, than an ignorant red-necked gun-totting bible-thumping Texan who speaks like he's illiterate like George W. Bush or just plain stupid, like Sarah Palin .

Anonymous said...

A saint.