Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Little Skywalker wants to be a Jedi latinist...

I received this little note via electronic mail yesterday:

“Everybody to the Alamo: we stand for Latin! Long live the Pope, God save the King and God bless Fr. Reggie!”

My reply to this little fan read thus: “Little warrior, we promise that the Latin knowledge will not die with the legends of old as we will learn it all in toto and pass it on to you!”

P.S. The little happy warrior is already saying that he wants to be a part-time valet to the Pope if only to hold the all-hallowed sanguine capello romano while standing next to the prie-dieu with the coat-of-arms of the His Holiness embroidered on the drapery during his first visit to New York as Benedictus XVI.

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Anonymous said...

John you crack me up!