Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Euthanasia in Italy: Eluana Englaro sta morendo...

The paradox of history: now it's okay for us to be butchers. First came contraception, then abortion and now euthanasia.

Tomorrow will be day one of stolid starvation. They are starving Eluana to death and does anybody care?

There is no outrage. No public outcry. No demonstrations in the street. Many don't even have an opinion. People are tired of hearing about it.

The front page news in Italy read like this today:

Eluana, la fine sara' graduale... (she will be killed in a gradual manner).
Una volta sospessa l'alimentazione potrebbe restare in vita altri 15 giorni... (it could take as long as fifteen days to starve her to death).

The journalists remain the opinion makers and the blind millions care about themselves with the placidity of the ego.

After 17 years they will lock her bedroom door in a new clinic and are starving her to death because she is a "vegetable."

Watch out because innocent blood screams out for justice.

Chesterton wrote that the eighteenth century thought of itself as the age of reason while the nineteenth century thought of itself as the age of common sense while the twentieth century turned into an age of uncommon nonsense. And today? It's getting worse again as in '39 and that is a fact.

Rule number one: "Thou shalt not kill" and if people don't get this then we have really failed in this Catholic country.


Rebecca said...

I am so sad and horrified. Will pray.

Anonymous said...

Learn some Italian and check your translations.