Thursday, July 09, 2009

Those who lead us today: our fouled leaders...

Dupes of error are a dime a dozen. What do we do when they lead us?

Meanwhile, the people have voted while the candidates continue to get worse.

Hebrews 6.6: "Would they crucify the Son of God a second time, hold Him up to mockery a second time, for their own ends?"

These few days the Italian Prime Minister has been hosting the world's leaders in Italy.

As the freak show continues through the streets of Rome it reminds one of the first many canto chapters of the Divine Comedy while Dante is guided by Virgil through the tangle of hell. While there Dante sees all of these then-personalities and celebrities in the hell which befell them for their evil and corrupt ways.

Anybody read Dante?

Veronica Lario is married to the Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi. She has wept bitterly and complained that her husband is in a relationship with a teenage model. Her husband is in his seventies.

For years good clean citizens have complained of the "showgirls" and prostitutes that their Prime Minister hosts in his homes. This poor battered wife has complained that she is seeking a divorce because she could not stay with a man who "frequents minors."

3 Kings 11.9: "So the Lord was angry with Solomon for playing Him false."

Do we believe this abused wife? Italy's new "Equalities Minister" appointed by Berlusconi is a young woman by the name of Mara Carfagna who was a Miss Italia contestant once upon a time. Photos of her big-eyed naked body are all over the Internet. These few days she is representing the Government to the world's first ladies while in Rome.

Suitability to lead?

Christians, circle the wagons.

The French first lady Carla Bruni announced she will not attend the official G8 events in Rome with the other first ladies. She's the one who is married to a divorced man, was having a relationship with him while he was still married and photos of her skinngy-looking naked body are all over the Internet. In their evil and corruption these people are merciless.

James 2.3: "The merciless will be judged mercilessly."

Christians, homeschool your kids.

And to be orative? Is that what we look for in a head of state? Or to be moral?

Christians, vote pro-life.

Tomorrow the Obamination will be in Rome and the Vatican and in protest Catholic students will leave the city and spend the afternoon at Castel Gandolfo in a spirit of prayer and penance. See you there.


Anonymous said...

I'll join you in prayer!

Anonymous said...

Some demons can be cast out but by prayer and penance.

Anonymous said...

In a book I am reading St John Vienney, The Cure of Ars, stated his prayers had more effect when he joined prayer with fasting and lack of sleep.
Night adoration might just be good for the world
Much love

The Reformer said...

I expect evil from the world. It is what the prince of this world does for a living, simply put. Let us pray it doesn't enter the Church anymore than it has in modern times and further let us pray Pope Benedict finds the true aristotelian path where the virtuous words truly are the mean between two extremes.

And as a small PR attempt, I suppose what I mean to say we need a "New Reformation"...

Anonymous said...

Having said these things, I would prefer to take the Vatican's position: he (President Obama) is a man of 'good faith' and he is young and open---therefore, it seems possible that he will continue to grow and learn and develop. There's nothing so depressing as sad negative believers. While all of you, I'm sure have your intentions in the right place---there is nothing so bleak and depressing as the sin of 'over-correctness.' This is decribed by one of the great Eastern Fathers as: "Having the outward look and sound of correct and righteous faith and doctrine, but lacking the charity of Christ so completely that it is void of His Holy Spirit!" Leave room dear brothers and sisters for the Holy Spirit to work on this man...he is open to Him, I believe...and you may be surprised at what he sounds like and looks like 4 or 8 years from now! I am always hope-filled.

In His Holy Name,
+Father Abbot Gregory

Anonymous said...

Nations are accurst by the leaders they elect.

JPSonnen said...

The noisome stench includes: the terrorist Gheddafi and the dictator Mubarak and the fake Medvedev...bla, bla, bla. It's been a crazy past few days in Rome. All this fetid exhalation for some rather evil leadership. Canto 19 from Dante even reads: "With kings in filthy whoredom..."