Friday, July 31, 2009

From the Island of Giglio: where to vacation near Rome...

Hi, mom!
For any tourist or pilgrim who likes a quiet, cheap and clean beach, this is it.
This place is better than Capri, Ischia and Elba, etc.
Just imagine: quiet, cheap and clean. And better on weekdays. And remember to go with D.H. Lawrence!
I slept on the beach and took the photo of the sunrise at five o'clock in the morning.
Snorkeling is better here, too, than along the Riviera del Lazio.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

How do you get there? Where do you stay (apart from the beach, which isn't really my thing)?

I've got a couple of long weekends this month and might like to get away for a quiet time.

JPSonnen said...


its not for a weekend trip in august, but if you go on a weekday, might be nice.

i dont know any hotels there, but one can look online.

take the pisa train to orbatello and a bus from there to the port and then a ferry to the island.

clean, cheap and nice.