Thursday, July 09, 2009

Our wonderful sisters: the best for the Lord...

In Rome's July heat - all for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Bingles said...

I love all the pictures of religious that you post here. It is so encouraging to see these YOUNG sisters who boldly proclaim their mission and vocation through the use of the habit. Their habits represent the REAL meaning of reform called for by the Second Vatican Council.. their habits are "modest" and allow them to easily carry out their ministries.

Living in America where these sightings are much less common, especially in a country where the majority of communities went nuts since the 60s and are only now SLOWLY recovering... this is very refreshing to see!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy sisters!

Anonymous said...

"Living in America where these sightings are much less common, especially in a country where the majority of communities went nuts since the 60s and are only now SLOWLY recovering... this is very refreshing to see!!!"

Recovering? Which ones? I don't think any of the old established USA Orders, including the ones that were mega-huge before Vatican II (Adrian Dominicans, School Sisters of Notre Dame(in USA), Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Saint Joseph, School Sisters of Saint Francis) to name just afew have recovered anything. IN fact they are all very aged communities with a median age of 74, and over 400+ Orders are being investigated by 2 commissions from the Vatican for corruption, immoral lifestyle, heresy, dissent , disobedience. I should also mention that there are some new, excellent religious Orders which have rediscovered the traditional habits are are flourishing. These are probably the communities you mean...not the older groups which are nothing but dissident femminsts.
Here's a sad comparission:
1)Sisters of Mercy: approx. 18,000 in USA in 2 branches (independant Mercy congregations, and the Sisters of Mercy of the Union).

2) Sisters of Saint Joseph:
Approv 12,000 in over 20 regional congregations in the USA.

3).Adrian Dominicans- 2,800 in USA before 1962.

4).School Sisters of Notre Dame: close to 6,500 in USA before 1962

5). School Sisters of Saint Francis- 2,350 in USA before 1962.

1) Sisters of Mercy: 3,820 total
2). Sisters of Saint Joseph: about 3,300.
3). Adrian Dominicans: approx. 790 total.
4). School Sisters of Notre Dame: about 2,200 total
5). School Sisters of Saint Francis: about 590.

Keep in mind that the average age for all these nuns is close to 75. This can repeated in nearly all of the 300+ liberal Orders in the USA, and indeed in other liberal Orders around the world.

Even the once traditional and extremely successful and popular Daughters of Saint Paul (worldwide, but mostly in Italy), was very strong in the USA up until about 1982 when they started to liberalize, and went thru about 3 habit modifications until today they do not wear a habit.
IN the USA, the membership fell from 250 in 1979, to the present 122, and from 19 St. Paul Book and Film houses in the USA, to 13.
Until 1981, they still were attracting 30-50 postulants a year in the USA....phenominal. Today, 1-2 per year.
By the way, the first photo represents what I'd call a "modernist" Order which hardly has a habit at all. Not much to rave about as being faithful sisters.
But photo 2 and 3....they are REAL Catholic sisters in whom we should be very proud !!!! And they're all young.
The habitless liberals are all very, very old.

QuantaCura01 said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Notice the good sisters in traditional habits are young and happy and the "nones" is business suites with clipped hair always look sooooooooo angry.

Anonymous said...

That's because the old liberal nuns in business suits or dresses are always bitter and angry.

They always go around gripping why they can't be priests! That's their WHOLE apostolate....griping.

I really DO hope the Vatican lets the hammer fall on these Orders, and orders them to return to the life they lived before Vatican II, or at least like the Nashville traditional habits.

And if they refuse....supress/disband them.

No loss at all!

Anonymous said...

And perhaps the sisters in the first photo are wearing the habit they have always worn. Not every congregation has worn what we consider a traditional habit.

Just as congregations founded in after the French Revolution took on the style of the clothing of the poor as their habit so new congregations, especially those from Asian countries often wear a simple habit that is more "modern" in style.

Please, could you be more respectful and not be so quick to decide that because a community wearing a habit doesn't suit you they are not real!You may not like the habit but that doesn't mean that you have to be so rash in judging.

If they are faithful brides of Christ they are "real" even if you judge otherwise.

hamburg1 said...

Nuns (the ones who have succumbed to the folly of Vatican II) will say that a habit does not a nun make. But it does.

David Lodge said...

dear hamburg1

it's demanded of you to submit to Vatican II, for it is doctrinally binding. Otherwise you do not obey the commands of Christ who ordered us to obey his Apostles, who are the bishops. Please consider this.

Sincerely, a theology student