Monday, July 20, 2009

Parents, get your Latin prayers here...

You have an obligation to make sure your posterity learn their Catholic language, Latin.

Just remember: "If you don't do it, it won't get done."

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Benedicta said...

I was reminded by a FSSP priest that because Latin is a sacred language, it pleases Our Lady to hear prayers in Latin.
And what honors Our Mother honors her Son.
Ave Maria, gratia plena...

Magister said...

Ah yes Benedicta, that would be because Our Lady spoke fluent Latin everyday at home amongst her household? But surely in Our Lady's day Latin would have been the language of the occupiers?
I do love these Catholic culture invocations on this blog... "Parents do this...", "Parents do that...", "Women don't wear that...", "Drink this...", "Smoke that..." it's all brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

A language now only used to praise and worship God (indeed holy languages exist)!

Roland de Chanson said...

Magister has a valid point. I doubt that the presumptively Aramaic speaking Miriam of Nazareth would choose Latin (or Greek or Hebrew) as her preferred idiom of supplication.

Is Latin indeed the vernacular of the Virgin? Is there any record of Her colloquies in that language? By no means. Did She not reveal herself to Bernadette Soubirous in an obscure Langue d'Oc dialect "Que soy era Immaculada Conceptiou"? And to the children of Fatima in Portuguese? To Juan Diego in Spanish? When has She ever appeared speaking the language of Nero, the crucifier of Peter, the beheader of Paul?

Latin, nevertheless, the language of a world Imperium, of the literature of great poets and orators, of a vibrant people who frequented fora and temples and bordellos and churches of renowned cities some now defunct and some still extant, has been the language of the Christian West for two thousand years. Until, that is, Vatican 2 and the modernists and Bugnini and his freemasons and his prods worked their vile destruction upon the ancient Latin Mass.

Let the Latin liturgy be lifted from its sepulchre and Latin letters languish no longer. We have lost our Western heritage. We have lost our Catholic culture. It is this lacuna that J. P. Sonnen so eloquently elicits in his photographs and commentary.