Sunday, July 12, 2009

Absolute best place to stay in Rome...

You asked and this is it: l'Angolo di San Pietro. They've only been open for a year and are a tiny bit expensive, but this is it if you want the best.
The top photo is the view from the roof terrace and the bottom is from one of the bedrooms. It's a historic old little palace. Really a tiny place, with a few nice sized rooms. All renovated and new and clean. Rooms each have a small kitchen. The best location, the best views and the best place to boast about.
And you can host small private parties on the roof, too.
See their site and enjoy this fabulous place on your next trip to Rome:


Anonymous said...

Can people live there if they chose, or is it just a hotel?

Raphaela said...

That looks fantastic... but what exactly do you mean by "a tiny bit expensive"? Judging from the photos on the website the place looks as though it's likely to charge a couple of hundred euros a night!

RZL - Radio Zone Libre said...


I knew this place on the via Porta Cavallegeri. Really a nice place to stay in Rome.

Laudetur Iesus Christus !
Semper laudetur.

RZL - Radio Zone Libre


JPSonnen said...

it sounds like one can negotiate a price with their rep if you plan to stay a while or have a private party on the roof.

i was shown just one room and the roof. the room had a matrimonial bed and balcony with view of dome of st. peter's. this season this same room goes for something like 180 euro per night.

His Prince Michael said...

Good work, however, personally
speaking I'd be MUCH more interested with a fitting location in, JERUSALEM?

Anonymous said...

Only two units have a view of St. Peters.