Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our sisters as they lead by example...

It is comfort that makes us shirk the work of evangelization. We are clothed, but are we warmed by the fire of Pentecost? The Lord bless and reward the good sisters for leading the way.


Anonymous said...

How great to see a nice Italian Order of sisters out for a Sunday stroll....1 professed sister and 2 young novices! Great!

So much better that the aged femminist street-clothes nuns here in the USA (and in Europe and Italy as well). But I've never seen one who isn't past 75!

I'll bet these good nuns here don't have to worry about having their community investigated for corruption, heresy, immorality, dissent and disobedience like some 300+ Orders of aged femminist USA nuns are facing in the USA.

God bless these good sisters.

And good riddance to the American nuns under investigation.

msc said...

Think about it, you never have to spend $$$ on hair products or pantyhose. It also cuts down on "what to wear" each morning.

The best is people know who you are and what you stand for!! And you have so much more time for prayer.