Saturday, July 18, 2009

The sisters who made me: tenor of the times...

Take a look at this site:

These are the sisters who educated me in my youth in the 1980s - the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Notice how there really is not a word about Jesus or the Bible or the Blessed Sacrament or of virginity or holiness or really anything Catholic/Christian?

I hope the Holy See shuts them down for their infidelity.

"If after consulting the appropriate Ordinaries, the Holy See decides that certain communities or monasteries no longer offer any reasonable hope of flourishing, these should be forbidden thereafter to accept novices. It it can be done, they should be absorbed by a more vigorous community or monastery."

-Vatican Council II: Decree on the Appropriate Renewal of the Religious Life, 21.


Anonymous said...

So sad. I can remember when that order had such faithful and prayerful, devoted nuns in such beautiful habits. Now it appears that they have moved on to ministries of labyrinths and altars that one can gather around as they face one another. I just bet their vocations are exploding!

timh said...

You're right - so sad...
but to think that beautiful Motherhouse is in St. Louis and you'd see it shut down ... we should pray for renewal of words about Jesus and the Bible and the Blessed Sacrament and of virginity and holiness and everything Catholic/Christian as fruits of the Apostolic Visitation.

Benedicta said...

No Jesus, no priesthood. I don't even see mention of the priesthood either.
It's depressing.
At least we know of one good fruit :D

Chotock said...

Living in Kansas City I can tell, as we are inundated by this particular group, you are absolutely correct in your desires. i too pray that someday the Holy See finally puts its foot down and calls this and other groups out for their infidelity and their leading souls to Hell.

Sancte Ioseph, ora pro nobis
Omne sanctaw Virgines, orate pro nobis

Anonymous said...

Yes, shut them down....along with 99% of the rest of the radical liberal femminist nuns in the USA.

The interesting fact with regards to Orders being merged/absorbed is that these habitless dissident nuns have been doing this for about 10 years, in a desperate attempt to keep their twisted version of religious life alive.

About 60 Orders of radical liberal nuns have gone extinct in the last 10 years, merged into new, larger bodies. Among them are the:

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas : merger of about 22 independant diocecean congregations of the Sisters of Mercy with the seperate Sisters of Mercy of the Union, in 1991.
Bfore Vatican II, there were about 16,000 Sisters of Mercy belonging to the independant branches in various dioceses (Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Brooklyn etc.), plus an additional 8,000 Sisters of Mercy of the Union. Total: roughly 25,000 Sisters of Mercy in the USA pre-Vatican II.
1991: Merger of the two into the "Sisters of Mercy of the Americas" with 7,700 nuns.
2009: About 3,789 members with a median age of 75. They merged further in 2007, eliminating several districts and merging them further due to rapidly declining numbers.

Dominican Sisters of Hope: founded about 10 years ago with 350. Today have barely 200. Median age, 73. Grouping of 5 formerly independant Dominican congregations.

Eight formerly independant Sisters of Saint Joseph communities merged last year, and the "Neumann Communities of Franciscan Sisters", represents a last-ditch effort to save the branches of the Sisters of the THird Order Regular of Saint Francis founded originally by St. John Neumann in the 1850's. The communities of Williamsville NY, Buffalo, Syracuse, (but not the Philadelphia branch), grouped together with total of 575. Today, there are about 440.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet have about 1,400 sisters or less left (down from over 4,000 before Vatican II).

Yes, all of these communties should be supressed outright. IN that most are no longer Roman Catholic, it will be no loss to see them go.

Raphaela said...

Forbid them to accept novices? Is it even worth making the effort? I just had a quick poke around their site and they all seem to be in their late 50s at the very least! What was that about the biological solution again? :)

Anonymous said...

That's a bit harsh, don't you think?
Perhaps a better 'hope' might be that the sisters truly embrace the charism of their foundress, and spread the gospel by their consecrated witness.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt that congregations like the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Sisters of Mercy should all be made Secular Institutes...and then, with time, they will all just die out. Give thanks for what they did and were in better days...and pray for those poor members who still hold to some semblance of religious life. The Holy See doesn't really have to stop them from receiving novices---they don't get novices anyway. Meanwhile, congregations like the Dominican Sisters of Nashville are overflowing. Reason? Simple: they live a traditional religious life of consecration to Christ!

God help us! It's so sad.

In His great mercy,
+Father Abbot Gregory

humboldt said...

Secularization at its best! Another great Christian fruit of the post-council (?). And this culture is very extended in the Catholic Church, included the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

YOW! I agree that they should be shut aware that this mother house has TONS and TONS of sacred relics....including the bodies of at least 3 martyrs...these must be removed...and given to cathedrals or convents that are faithful to the magesterium...

When in St. Louis...go see this place...ask to see the relics in the chapel...the sisters will think you are wierd but so what

In the choir loft said...

So sad about the Sisters. They have lost the faith. I was taught by the School Sisters of Notre Dame and they went Cocoa Puffs too! When women religious fall, they fall hard.

La Paloma Alegre said...

Here, here with everyone, forbid these liberal feminists to accept novices and shut their convent down. I can't see even a hgint of what I should see in a website like theirs. It's a great foolishness for the Catholic Church to allow these old women to spead the heresies of liberal feminisim in the Church. There is no place for that in this church.