Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christ put the tempter to flight and so do they...

Emerge from the conflict not weakened, but strengthened.


Anonymous said...

You find the most beautiful Orders to photograph, and give hope to many young Catholics that there is indeed a restoration and hope taking place in the Church under our great Pope.

We in the USA almost never see sisters anymore. Ninety-eight percent are the radical, liberal street-clothes dissident nuns in their 70's. They are being investigated by the Vatican for corruption of life and dissent.
Hopefully they are either told to get back into the habit like these wonderful sisters....or supressed outright.

kimberley said...

what order do the first set of nuns belong to?

Anonymous said...

One does have to wonder why these contemplative nuns are out on the street so much.

Anonymous said...

Dear One,
No! One does not have to wonder why these "contemplative" nuns are out on the street. One should mind one's own business and not make great presumptions based on a single photo.

One does not know for sure that these nuns are in fact cloistered contemplatives. The sisters in the first photo wearing the red cross of St. Camillus are most likely actve nursing sisters.

Not all "contemplative" orders are "cloistered". And some cloistered orders have extern members who take care of the outside needs of the community. Some even send members out to school for the good of the community.

One should not look for fly poop in the pepper. Just enjoy the lovely photo for what it is!


Anonymous said...

Bien dicho!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous at 11:29,
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