Friday, October 03, 2008

Where to buy a mantilla while in Rome...

More than once persons have e-mailed to ask: "Hi, where can I buy a good mantilla in Rome?"

I've only see the mantilla (chapel veil) for sale (sail) in a few locations in Rome and here's two of them:

The cost is between 25-20 euro (this price is outrageous considering the cheap quality of these black veils).

If you want quality, then buy your chapel veil while in Belgium or Spain and pay a little extra, but then, in theory, you'll have the heirloom for the rest of your life.


Anonymous said...

for "sail?" or for sale.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

the material used to create the veils is widely available in nearly every fabric shop on earth. Black or white lace can be bought by the yard (metre) and the selection, due to the insanely overinflated wedding industry, is extraordinary. Buy a yard or half a yard of black lace fabric. Square it off, and slice diagonally through the square. You now have two mantillas. If you want to get really fancy, you can buy a yard or two of black lace edging and sew it on. Construction time will be about two minutes. With lace edging, four and a half.

price. Don't know in Euros, but in Canuckistan dollars it came to about five bucks. Which was about 15 less than I paid for the one I bought from the Franciscans of Maryvale in Chicago.