Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rome: October 5, 2008...

And who said the good old days were over?


PeterHWright said...

Nice photo !
The capello romano has always seemed to me a very sensible, very practical, hat.
I can't think why it went out of fashion. Nice to see it making a comeback.

Castor said...

It went out of fashion when hats went out of fashion. Ordinary hats, as opposed to magamuffin or Len-in-October's proletarian caps, began to be looked upon as establishment. Many cardinals wore the cappello romano into the early 80's, the decade when they really dissapeared. The last "original" cappello romano wearing left in Rome in Archbishop De Magistris. There used to be a handful of other old fossils walking around but they are all dead now.

A youn person wearing one is sometimes greeted by clergy thoroughly renewed in post-conciliar brotherly charity with something like: "the carnival is still far off."

PeterHWright said...

Yes, what Castor says is very true. I hadn't really thought about it in the general context of men's hats going out of fashion.

But a man's hat is practical too. I rarely go out without a hat on. In the cold weather, I wear a trilby, a fedora or a homberg to keep my head warm. In the hot weather, (we do get some very warm sunny days in England from time to time), I wear a straw hat to keep my head cool. I'd certainly wear one in the Italian sun. It seems silly not to.

Didn't JP post of a photo a while back of himself looking molto elegante in a straw hat ?

If modernist clergy want to say silly things about the capello romano, well, let them.
You can rely on modernists to say silly things, in any event.