Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October 8 in Rome: be there and spread the word...

Ciao tutti:
There's big Rome events coming up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pius XII and please spread the word as numbers count and this is an all-important subject.
There was even a book unveiling yesterday we went to and it was great to see all the support for Pius XII. Even a former President of Italy came along with the Cardinal Vicar of Rome. See this great new book here: .
On Wednesday, October 8 there will be one very important event and so please spread the word and do your best to be there:
At 6:30 p.m. at Vatican Radio, in their meeting room called the Sala Marconi, there will be the presentation of the fantastic new book of Sr. Margherita Marchione entitled The Truth Will Set You Free, by Paulist Press: . This book is exceptional (see the cover above courtesy of SIPA). In attendence will be the honourable Giulio Andreotti, seven times Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy. Sr. Margheria, an American saint, will be present, too. All are welcome and hope to see everybody there!
N.B. AND, on Friday, October 10 at 6 p.m., just a ten minute walk south of the Vatican at the auditorium of the Religious Teachers Filippini (Via delle Fornaci), there will be shown the famous 1942 film entitled Pastor Angelicus, a documentary by Romolo Marcellini. This film will be presented by Sr. Margherita and so please everybody be there!


Anonymous said...

I do not think they would be planning huge special commemorations, nor celebrating Pontifical High Masses at St. Mary Major and St. Peter's Basilica (celebrated by Benedict XVI), plus a visit to the tomb of Pius XII by Benedict XVI, nor the ringing defense of Pius XII by Benedict XVI...if there wasn't something big coming soon. Like the announcement of his being declared Venerable Pope Pius XII...or even announcing a miracle attributed to him and his beatification.

If Benedict XVI and the Vatican had any suspicion about Pius XII and his reign (as do the usuall Jewish groups of whining protesters), they would never commemorate Pius XII on such a grand scale.
I think he has been cleared on any suspicions by the Vatican....and I think very soon, we will be able to call him "Blessed Pope Pius XII"

Anonymous said...

Will spread the word.

Anonymous said...

John, I believe the mass has been changed to the 10th.

Catholic Aussie said...

Can't afford the bloody airfare.