Sunday, October 05, 2008

Catholic pilgrims in Constantinople...

Some friends, students in Rome, just made an exciting pilgrimage to the holy city of Constantinople and to its Sancta Sophia (the church dedicated to Wisdom). Here they can be seen with the Orthodox Patriarch.
It had always been said that in Constantinople God had the Sancta Sophia, the Emperor had the Sacred Palace and the people had the Hippodrome. And soon we'll post photos of them all so stay tuned!


Iosephus said...

Ah, the distinguished fellow on the left is an acquaintance of mine, too - I met him when we were both studying with Reggie a few summers back.

Anonymous said...

Ecumenical Patriatch Bartholomew I is a wonderful man. I have read alot of what he has written.
He has stood up for the Faith as true Orthodox and Catholics believe in(not what the thousands of little Protestant sects, cults, and Christians communities believe in) for years.
The Orthodox suffer terrible persecution in Turkey, in the past and perhaps still today. There's not many of them left in Constantinople, and that's sad.

He's a courageous man of God.
God Bless him, and the Greek Orthodox Church.